Fish tanks contribute a significant part in creating a landscape for each space to become more natural and luxurious. However, unlike many other objects, the fish tank is considered a feng shui item and you cannot choose arbitrarily. For example, if you know how to place your tank in places that are suitable for feng shui, it will bring fortune, health, and luck to your home. And vice versa, if you put it wrong and not suitable for feng shui, it will challenge your money, luck or health. So how to layout fish tank is suitable for feng shui?

In today’s article, I will present to you some notes about the arrangement for you to help bring good fortune or health to members for your family. I am not making you wait any longer. Let’s find out the information below.

Do not place the fish tank behind the salon

The lounge chair is where people sit up every day with many different activities like watching movies or chatting. Placing the best fish tank behind the lounge chair will not be easy to cause collapse due to excessive vibration, affecting the family and will create conflict and insecurity for family members. On the other hand, for feng shui, the use of water as support behind is completely uncertain because the water is not stable.

Do not place opposite the kitchen

As you know the aquarium is water and the stove is fire, water and fire are not compatible. Therefore, you need to avoid placing the fish tank in the opposite position to the stove. Besides, in modern apartments, due to the limited area, the apartment is often open design, with an adjacent living room, dining area, and kitchen. If you place the fish tank in the living room, be careful not to place it in a straight line with the stove because it will create conflicting energy, which is bad for your health, especially for housewives or anyone who cooks in the kitchen.

Do not place the fish tank in or near the toilet

Next, You should not place the aquarium near the toilet or the dark and humid corner of the house. This is one of the 7 important considerations when selecting and arranging aquariums for your home because these places will easily create harmful gases, which can cause disease for everyone living in the house. So to ensure the health of yourself and your relatives avoid placing the fish tank in those locations.

Do not place the fish tank in front of the pedestal of a god, or under an altar

According to the feng shui perspective, if the fish tank is placed in front of a buddha statue that can cause the homeowner to be bankrupt. Besides, placing the fish tank under the altar should not be because the area of the altar needs solemnity and quiet. Moreover, putting it on the bottom, when cleaning the altar, easily drops the incense stick into the aquarium, which can kill the fish. You all know it is not a good idea to keep fish raised in the house regularly.

Do not place the fish tank at the entrance

The main door is the entrance to the airflow, which is not suitable for placing an aquarium. Moreover, placing fish tanks here also hinders the movement of people in the house.

You can place the aquarium on the left of the main door, or the half of the outside of the living room in the direction of the owner to create a beautiful landscape for the tank, help people closer to nature, increase positive energy for health. healthy and mentally Besides, putting the fish tank in the common area also helps people have the opportunity to chat happily together or conveniently watch the fish when people are stressed and tired.

Do not put fish tanks in the bedroom

A bedroom is a resting place and it needs quiet. You shouldn’t put a tank in the bedroom because the bedroom is negative. And the aquarium is positive, so they are very incompatible. Besides, with medium to large aquariums will often contain a lot of water, In the installation of foaming equipment, continuous operation and affecting the circadian rhythms of humans, in the long term, it will cause fatigue, not good for the health and mood of the people in the room.

Do not put a big fish tank in the room where you work

On the desk can put a mini fish tank to stimulate thinking and creativity. However, with a large size tank, it should not be placed in the office, especially behind the desk. Because this position needs to be kept still to accumulate energy while the aquarium is “active”. Moreover, overly large fish tanks can easily distract people from work.

Do not place the fish tank under electronic objects

In modern life, most families use electronic devices such as televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, microwaves. Do not put aquariums on the bottom, next to or on the surface of these things because of the steam or water in the aquarium if accidentally splashed out, causing the electronics to break down quickly.

In conclusion

I have finished the presentation for you to consider when arranging your fish tank. I hope that with all the important notes about the layout for your home in this article, you should consider carefully the placement of fish tanks that are best suited for your home or apartment.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read through this article. Have a nice day.